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Health Guardians of America (HGA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to address the most salient health issue in America through sustainable, quantifiable, and comprehensive public health solutions.

Over the past few decades, America's obesity epidemic has become its most urgent domestic health issue, with obesity-associated mortalities topping the nation’s leading causes of death. Health Guardians of America (HGA) seeks to confront this health issue through sustainable, quantifiable, and comprehensive public health solutions.

Our goals:
1. Decrease the obesity risk among youth and young adults to preserve longevity and quality of life.
2. Influence the appropriate lifestyle change and develop healthy decision-making at an early age.
3. Educate participants on the importance of sustained health management and self-care.

Our solution:
The HGA approach focuses on using strong incentives to motivate healthy change. We combine financial incentives within our customized exercise programs to inspire at-risk individuals to lead physically active lifestyles. Additionally, we provide a network of educational resources to empower individuals to adopt healthy lifestyle choices into their daily routine. Our unique and progressive approach presents individuals the opportunity to achieve weight loss and enjoy the complete benefits of a physically active lifestyle, rid of obesity-related complications.

FITLIFE College Fitness Program:
1)-Pledge to exercise at least 3 times per week. Pledge a deposit to participate.
2)-Each week, fulfill your pledge to retain the week's deposit.
If not, the week's pledge is forfeited into the prize pool.
3) - Participants who fulfill their pledges can earn weekly monetary rewards from the forfeited pledge pool. The adjusted pledge deposit will be returned at the end of the 5-week program duration.

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