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Iranian Student Association (IranSA) is a student organization at California State University, Fullerton with no affiliation with any political party or religious group.

Our Mission:

The purpose of this organization is “to raise awareness about issues pertaining to Iran and Iranians by holding cultural, social, and educational events; to promote a sense of unity among members and to facilitate a positive and engaging interaction between the members and the rest of the campus; and to have a vibrant role in the Iranian-American community of Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles Area by providing support for relevant programs through collaboration, volunteer service, and philanthropic activities.”

Our Vision:

The vision that this organization has been founded on is “to be one of the top five most-recognized Persian student organizations across the United States, and ultimately to go beyond a student club and become a solid organization with chapters at different universities across California and beyond.”

Our past activities and events have been carefully chosen and designed to accomplish our mission and to pave the way for fulfillment of our long-term goals. IranSA welcomes all students, Iranians as well as non-Iranians, to join this group.

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