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Kenya Dream is a community based organization that raises funds to renovate educational facilities and provide students with scholarships in Kenya, to enhance the quality of education, one student and one school at a time.

The branch at UC Irvine was founded in September 2010 and since then we have been successful at UC Irvine in raising awareness and putting on large events.

Projects we've raised money for:
Raised $21,778 from Ken-Ya Dance (combined with our NorCal event too) to fund 53 students in Kenya with scholarships for primary and secondary school.

2012-2013 Current Project:
Helping to build a library at the Kokwa Island Primary School in Kenya, Africa to provide students with books, study spaces, computers with wifi and more to enhance their learning experience.

Large Events we've hosted:
Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2011
Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2012
Kenya Dream Week 2012
Ken-Ya Sing 2013
Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2013

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