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We are the voices of a passionate and aspiring student association seeking to promote the uniqueness that is the Malaysian culture to the UCLA community and beyond.

Serving as a cultural bridge between American society and the students in this organization, UCLA Malaysian Students Association strives to provide assistance to Malaysian students and students of any nationalities studying in UCLA. We organize regular activities every quarter to welcome new students into the club and strengthen the bond between the club members as a whole. We aim to not only introduce the traditional and cultural aspects of Malaysia to the students here but to also build a community within the students of UCLA and Malaysians in the Los Angeles area. The club also serves as a platform for us to share our passion for our country, Malaysia as well as her exotic array of people and food. Since Malaysia is a relatively mysterious place to the people outside of Asia-Pacific region, our other goal is to increase the awareness among the American society of our organization about our beloved Malaysia. Malaysian or not, we welcome new members who are willing to be a part of our family. There is always room for more!

With us, you will experience a taste of our oriental cultures with a medley of diverse backgrounds, languages (Malay, Mandarin, English, Tamil, Cantonese, Manglish, you name it, we have it), food and rich history that make us truly Malaysians.

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