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The MSA at UCLA is devoted to the local Muslim community. It seeks to foster the development of its members through service for the self and community.

The Muslim Student Association at UCLA is a thriving student community engaging the campus and the greater society through community service, outreach, and educational projects. Its diverse constituencies find an environment away from home in the MSA that stretches far beyond simply an "organization." Founded in 1963, the Muslim Student Association has a rich history of campus involvement, stemming out and broadening to having impacts on a state wide and national level. It is a community, a space where Muslim students can feel comfortable growing and engaging their campus in a focused manner. As a cultural group, MSA adds a valuable voice to UCLA, one that speaks for its Muslim students, seeks to dispel harmful myths, and is committed to broadening horizons all around. As a community, MSA develops leaders who use their education as a tool with which to engage their peers and further empower themselves. As part of a whole, MSA strives to build bridges with other communities to maintain meaningful dialogues. Thus, the MSA is a cultural, social, political, and philanthropic vehicle that produces individuals who fulfill not only the vision of MSA, but ultimately the mission of USAC and the University as a whole. The MSA is capabable of achieving these results by establishing itself as an umbrella organization of five diverse projects; MAPS, AMP. UMMA, IYTP, and Al-Talib.

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