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Persian Academic & Cultural Student Association

Persian Academic & Cultural Student Association (PACSA) is a nonprofit, nonreligious and nonpartisan association of Persianate students at USC. PACSA’s goal is to organize cultural and academic events at USC with the intention to help in further integration of Persianate communities with the rest of USC population and contributing to USC thriving as a truly diversified institution. The type of events that PACSA organizes act not only as a hub for all Farsi-speaking(Persian) students of various nationalities to socialize and unite, but also as a place for all others to learn more about Persian culture and language( and those of other neighboring countries that were once part of the Greater Iran).PACSA sponsors and organizes inspiring range of events that include but are not limited to presentations by much-admired artists and renowned speakers, art exhibitions, theatrical, music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures and workshops.

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