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Welcome to the Pre-Medical, Engineers, Science Scholars Association in Los Angeles Valley College. We are the official "Science Club" of the school which includes the hard sciences such as Nursing, Mathematics, Computer Science, Anthropology, Geology, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, Bioengineering, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry and Pre-Medical fields. If you are interesed in any of these or other related fields, this is the club for you!

The benefits of being a member in this club is that it will give you insight and information into topics related to science. Moreover, the club will provide an in dept major information. Being part of the P.E.S.S.A. club you will have the opportunity to be part of activities such as club day, walks, poster committees, advertisement, and group activities that will enhance your college experience by being involved in an excellent network of peers willing to help one another. This club might also give you the opportunity to earn EXTRA CREDIT in your enrolled classes and the possibility of earning a SCHOLARSHIP with your participation.

Each member can make a difference in the topics discussed, activities run, and types of experiences that can be created through P.E.S.S.A. This is your club. The members make the club what it is, so let's make this happen.

President: Petros Koes
Vice President: Walter Hardesty
Treasurer: Top Triamwong
Secretary: Helena Mahsaradjian
Creative Director: Shinobu Kajimoto
ICC Representative: Sona Sourenian
ICC Representative: Jacqueline Tufenkclyan
Alternative ICC: Taehyun Chang
Alternative ICC: Haroutun Harry Mikaelyan

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