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Phi Delt is a men's fraternity whose mission is to help men become the greatest version of themselves. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

For generations, Phi Delta Theta has been asking the question, “Are You A Leader?” One man who answered that question was Edward Dickson. Dickson was a graduate of UC-Berkeley, but he wasn’t satisfied with the status quo of higher education in California, and he had the vision of creating a great university in the Los Angeles area. He encountered resistance from the establishment, but he never gave up. He secured a location in Westwood and raised funds to construct the original buildings… and UCLA was born.

Dickson’s call to be a leader did not end there. In the first few years after UCLA’s founding, several college fraternities opened on campus. Dickson had always wanted to be a member of a fraternity, but none of the existing ones met his standards. In 1924, he worked with students and faculty to establish a fraternity that would set the standard at UCLA – the California Gamma chapter of Phi Delta Theta.

We are interested in student leaders who are:

•Young Leaders
•Academically Focused
•Community Service Driven
•Future Businessman
•Athletically Involved

The opportunity to become a Re-Founding Father allows students to develop a positive fraternity experience and work towards establishing a great reputation on campus. Becoming a Re-Founding Father at UCLA will also provide you with a professional network of more than 160,000 alumni living throughout North America. For many of Phi Delta Theta's Re-Founding Fathers, their experience allows them to hone their personal leadership skills and prepare for life after college.

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