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"Sigma Chi is America's top Fraternity" - Newsweek

As the oldest established fraternity at Cal State Northridge, Sigma Chi might very well be the best decision you make during your college years and within your life in general. You will experience deep, lifelong friendships only made possible by the strength of our brotherhood. We are looking for well-rounded, enthusiastic, and solid individuals like yourself to be an integral part of our values based brotherhood comprised of friendship, justice and learning.

FOR THE FRESHMAN: A chance to meet new people and develop contacts beyond the scope of the dorms.

FOR THE ATHLETE: An opportunity for brotherhood and comradery. Compete in campus athletic tournaments including football, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and more.

FOR THE BUSINESSMAN: A chance to expand your horizons by experiencing leadership and group dynamics. Utilize the network of connections of brothers in various job markets while gathering employment information prior to preparing to embark on their own careers.

So don't just come for the education, come for the college ΣXperience.

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