SANAA-Social Awareness Network for Activism through Art

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Art. Activism. Academics. At SANAA, all three combine to give students a unique, positive space where they can raise social awareness through creative expression.


Our mission statement:
SANAA exists to reclaim a collective voice that refutes social injustices by using art as the vehicle to express and combat the inequalities we encounter as a unified human race.

The best way to help students of all ages and backgrounds become socially conscious, well adjusted individuals? SANAA does it by making socially relevant issues into socially relevant interests. Whether we're focusing on kindergartners or undergrads, we use art, culture, and outreach to encourage social and individual development.

SANAA encourages students to participate in open discussions and think of creative ways to solve the problems that affect them and/or their communities. Through our various endeavors - including community service projects, workshops, art showcases, and more - students build skills that will enable them to initiate change in any domain that they choose.

As a diverse, community-based organization, SANAA thrives on building partnerships with other student-initiated groups. As we expand into larger and more varied projects, we continue to take a community approach to promoting personal growth, social awareness, and - most importantly - action.

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