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UCLA's oldest, youngest, and finest comedy publication (by default).

Hailing from the sunny skies of southern California, Satyr is UCLA’s oldest (and only!) nonprofit comedy publication. Though Satyr slipped under the radar and into a coma in the 1970s, it was revived in 2012 by an ambitious (though not necessarily accomplished) group of attractive individuals hoping to bring humor, joy, and laughter back into the heretofore decrepit Westwood comedy scene.

Satyr is primarily focused on publishing a quarterly print magazine, handed out for free on Bruin Walk, but we also make videos, sponsor standup, host radio shows, and, of course, publish our stuff on the internet. We are entirely operated by UCLA students, without any affiliation to the university itself, and any money we make goes straight back into our magazine. Everything you see on this website is original content, so please credit us if you share our work!

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