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We are Sigma Eta Pi's Alpha Chapter, the premier co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity founded at UCLA.

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We do things a little differently around here. The spirit of this fraternity is all-encompassing: we’re not a science fraternity; we’re not an arts fraternity, and we're not a business fraternity either -- but let us assure you we do mean business. We are a fraternity that encompasses 20+ different majors, ranging from Design Media Arts to Sociology to Neuroscience to Engineering.

At Sigma Eta Pi, we promote the individual as well as the group. We promote ideas, ingenuity, innovation and the incalculable satisfaction of doing something new. It doesn’t matter what your major is, where you’re going after graduation, what your career will be or – now pay attention – if you’re already a good leader. We’re here to teach and to learn, so that we can all grow together and keep the world spinning, even if it’s an entirely new direction.

This whole fraternity was born out of the wayward ramblings of two roommates in the UCLA dorms – out of an idea that just worked its way through and got taken seriously. We’re here to give you that same opportunity, the opportunity to take your own ideas seriously and see where they take you, along with the chance to gain stronger senses of direction and leadership so that you can keep on creating when you take the next step toward greatness, be it as an engineer, a doctor, an artist, a musician, a writer, or even a cab driver.

Entrepreneurs turn ventures into adventures; we take risks and leaps of faith, trusting in ourselves and our partners in life. That is what sets us apart, not just our ideas but our will to pursue them. And in that same sense, this is what separates us from any other professional fraternity on this side of the continent. We will not lead you in a particular direction, but we will arm you with the necessary tools, resources and networks to realize your maximum potential and your ability to change the world.

In the end, it is you who shall lead. You.

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