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STAMP China Forum, founded in winter 2014, is the first China Forum organized by students in UCLA, dedicated to generating discussions on Chinese issues.

STAMP UCLA China Forum, founded in winter 2014, is the first China Forum organized by students in UCLA, dedicated to providing students insights and generating discussions on Chinese issues, inspiring young generation to care about social problems, promoting dialogue between students from diverse worlds and fostering our practical and critical thinking, through hosting weekly discussions, periodical conferences and other projects. Through the lens of a group of inspired and passionate youth, the aspiring STAMP team aims to bring people’s thinking on the biggest rising power in the world to a deeper level and from a unique perspective that can only come from a team of motivated and genuine youth.

Current events:
1. Weekly China Salon
It is an intimate peer-to-peer discussion in which we discuss the most relevant and recent social issues in the Chinese society. With different opinions shared and more frequently, crashed to each other, the sparks created in this intense discussion over social issues, particularly controversial ones, are exceptionally exciting and unique to intellectual youth. Through this process, STAMP hopes to present diverse opinions to students, promote respects and a sense of openness to opposite point of views, encourage intellectual dialogue among students from different cultural backgrounds and mostly importantly, foster student’s ability to think critically. Topics and background reading materials are rigorously chosen by STAMP team of Academic. Usually STAMP invites one special guest participant who has exceptional insights about the selected topic.
Some of our past topics are:
- Crackdown on Dongguan Sex Trade东莞扫⻩事件
- 2014 Kunming Attack昆明暴恐事件
- The Missing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370马航⻜飞机坠损事件
- Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement台湾“反服贸”太阳花学⽣运动

2. Periodical Conference
Periodically, STAMP hosts conferences under different topics in which we invite respectable scholars and experts to speak to and discuss with students.
- Topics selected are the most relevant and important social trend in the Chinese society, from the perspective of youth. Our inspiration comes from our observation that youth want to hear experts’ opinions on what they care and what they can take actions on.
- With our academic focus, we only select speakers who have expertise, rich knowledge and deep understanding for our selected topic.
- Student-focus and discussion-emphasis are essential for our conferences. Other than the one-way lecture + Q&A format, STAMP is exploring different formats in which an idea sharing and exchange can take place.

3. US-China Relations Conference
US-China Relations is undoubtedly the most important cross-nations relations in the current world and is influencing the global society immensely. We think that effective dialogue between young generation from these two countries is helpful for the future development of this relation.

Why is STAMP unique?
- STAMP is young. We were established in 2014 winter and our current staff team consists of undergraduate students in UCLA.
- STAMP is academic-focus. Though young, STAMP team knows clearly that new ideas and inspirations only come from substantial information and in-depth discussions. Any speaker that we bring to our projects has exceptionally understanding, direct experience and rich knowledge usually with years of research for his/her topic.
- STAMP is relevant. We put the most relevant social issues, problems and trends on spot for discussion because eventually, we hope STAMP can inspire more young people to care and take actions for social problems.
- STAMP is full of possibilities. We are exploring different forms of projects and willing to open to more exciting projects that can bring critical thinking and inspirations to the young generation. We are launching more multi-media projects soon.

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