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HNF is a UCLA SWC committee devoted to hosting fun and educational events that promote proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and overall wellbeing.

The Student Wellness Commission's Health, Nutrition, & Fitness committee is dedicated to providing UCLA students with informative and engaging events with the intention of inspiring participants to make healthy choices. Health and overall wellbeing come from finding the balance between eating nutritious food and leading an active lifestyle. Our hope is that after attending an HNF event, students come away feeling motivated to find that balance. We believe that knowledge gives us the power to make informed decisions about our bodies; for this reason, education is at the core of every HNF event. In addition to being a resource for health related knowledge, it is our aim to help connect students to the many clubs, teams, and classes at UCLA that promote healthy living. We feel it is our responsibility to make every student we meet feel welcome at UCLA and provide whatever assistance we can in helping them achieve total body wellness during their time here. By giving an individual the information and support to make healthy choices we are building a healthier community.

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