Synthesis Dance Theater at UCLA

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Synthesis Dance Theater at UCLA

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What is synthesis?

It’s in the name, we create. With the use of contemporary/modern foundations, the Synthesis Dance Theater produces numerous pieces of dance by combining and furnishing several genres of dance. We are a company of artists that enjoy sharing our passion for dance with others and accept and welcome all forms of dance to create something fresh and exciting. Most importantly, we love to have fun and perform for all kinds of audiences!

Mission Statement:

Synthesis Dance Theater at UCLA is dedicated to providing members with a thriving environment to develop as a dancer. Our passion for human expression through dance is maintained by our inclusive community where directors serve as mediators. Therefore our constant thirst to create is a communal process, where everyone contributes their creativity to make several amazing pieces. Our dance company is committed to using dance as a tool to spread the love of life and pursuit of performing and creating amongst the UCLA campus and beyond!

2014-2015 Directors:

Natalie Ethell
Nina Loshkajian
Morgan Khoury

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