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TEACH is a UCLA student organization which focuses on tutoring, mentoring, and health education for at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area.

TEACH is a UCLA student organization which focuses on tutoring, mentoring, and health education for at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area. The TEACH program consists of a one year internship in which students take two introductory classes (Public Health/Medicine M160A and Public Health/Medicine M160B: Health Outreach and Education for At-Risk Populations*) and conduct two quarters of field work. At site, interns spend time working with youth on homework as well as creating goals for each student focusing on health, academics, and social concerns. The later portion of each site visit consists of a public health module created by the interns to educate students on a specific health or science topic relating to the quarter's theme.

The Internship Timeline
First Quarter: Interns take Public Health/Medicine M160A. In this course, interns learn about child development, rules and regulations of site, behavior modification techniques, creating health curriculum, and basic pedagogy. Interns will have undergone 40 hours of training by the end of the quarter. During this quarter, interns will also have their first visits to our sites to observe the process first hand.

Second Quarter: After successful completion of Public Health/Medicine M160A M160A, interns begin field work by visiting site once a week. At site, their primary responsibility is to create and present health modules for the youth as well as develop personal relationships with the youth. When not presenting, interns mentor the children and assist in maintaining order at site. During this quarter, interns also attend a quarterly field trip with the students from site.

Third Quarter: In the final quarter, interns continue their work at site as well as enrolling in Public Health/Medicine M160B. Public Health/Medicine M160B is intended for the educational benefit of the interns regarding health topics and issues with a seminar like setting. In this class, interns learn more about the Venice community they are serving as well as the general field of public health. During this class, interns have the chance to explore a topic related to public health in the Los Angeles area and present to the class. The intern's work at site is calculated as a part of their class grade.

Expectations: Interns are expected to pass both M160A and B. Interns must comply with all rules and regulations our community partners, Venice Community Housing Corporation as well as those of TEACH. Interns must report any suspected abuse to the Site Supervisor. Interns must complete all hours stipulated in their contracts by the end of each quarter. Interns are also provided the opportunity and highly encourage to attend other events at site such as holiday events and parent meetings.

Our Sites
Our field sites care provided through a partnership with Venice Community Housing Corporation.

Washington Place: This site currently meets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-6pm, age group 5-13.
12525 Washington Place, Los Angeles CA 90066

Oakwood Recreation Center: This site currently meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3-6pm, age group 4-11.
767 California Ave, Venice CA 90291

*Only those accepted in the TEACH internship can enroll in the M160 series.

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