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Teo Chew, Chiu-Chow, Chao-Zhou, Taejiu, TrieuChau, Diojiu, Chiu-Chow. . . no matter how you say it, it's one and the same. Although this language and culture is referred to by a variety of names, Teo-Chew is unknown to many, and some students don’t even identify themselves as Teo-Chew because many of them have integrated identities ( i.e. Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, French, Philippine, Australian). We are so dispersed, it's important to bridge the gaps between us.

The Teo-Chew Association (TCA) at UCLA provides a place where students can meet and connect with other Teo-Chew people to strengthen and preserve our culture, language, and heritage. As a member, you will meet amazing people, participate in fun events, and create unforgettable memories as a part of our TCA family!

The Visions of TCA at UCLA are...
-to promote Teo-Chew cultural awareness.
-to preserve the Teo-Chew language and culture.
-to network with other Teo-Chew people on and off campus.
-to have joint events with and support other TCAs from other college campuses.
-to strengthen our Teo-Chew College Coalition network of college TCAs.
-to support and give back to our community.
-to lessen the generation gap in our family and community.
-to harvest youth investment.
-to learn about our history and record new history together.
-to establish the Teo-Chew identity.
-to make friends.
-to have FUN!

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