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Welcome to the official Facebook site of Theta Kappa Phi at UCLA! Be sure to visit us at & follow us on instagram @ucla_thetakappaphi

Faith....Love...Trust...these three simple words exist at the core and heart of Theta Kappa Phi. Sisterhood is built during pledgeship and blossoms beyond our college years. As Theta sisters, we share experiences, develop memories, and grow together. Throughout the year, sisterhood events give us a chance to take time out of our busy college lives to relax and spend time with each other. Events such as our annual ski trip, road trips to Las Vegas, sleepovers, datenights, and countless food and boba runs bring us closer together, giving us endless Kodak moments and funny stories to reminisce over.

Each sister is diverse and unique in her own special way--and that is what makes Thetas so wonderful. The vast array of personalities, qualities, and interests are brought together and shared, complementing one another in many unexpected ways. Thetas gives girls a chance to develop this sisterhood, which is only the beginning of an everlasting friendship.

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