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Tinig is a Pilipin@-American choral group at UCLA. We are a family built on cultural and musical expression.

Tinig, which means “voice” in Tagalog, is a student-initiated, student-run, Pilipino-American Chorale Group under the Ethnomusicology Department of UCLA. Tinig strives to celebrate Pilipino culture through traditional chorale music. Formed in 1988 under the student direction of August Espiritu and Rex Sampanga, Tinig (affectionately known as choral) came together for the purpose of singing the Pilipino and American National anthems in UCLA's annual Pilipino Cultural Night.

Since then, Tinig has gone on to perform in numerous venues, including the Filipino American Library Gala at the Milennium Biltmore Hotel, Christmas Caroling, the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, UCLA's Pilipino-Graduation, the Los Angeles Premiere of the movie “Mga Munting Tinig,” Veteran's Hospitals, UCLA Worldfest, the Cathedral of our Lady of Angels, and UCLA's Spring Sing, catering to numerous public figures which include Randy Newman, Jennifer Paz (of Miss Saigon), Lou Diamond Philips, the Los Angeles Philippine Consulate and former President Bill Clinton. Tinig's awards include "Best Costume" at the 1994 UCLA Spring Sing, and "Best Ensemble" at the 1995 UCLA Spring Sing.

In Fall 2002, Tinig became registered as an independent group of UCLA. As of Winter 2003, under signatories Art Ambrosio, Richelle Chuatuan, and Amalia Millar, Tinig has become an officially-recognized student organization, sponsored by the Ethnomusicology Department of UCLA. From Tagalog to Latin to English, we spill our hearts into the lyrics of our songs. We hold no auditions, and we invite all current UCLA students who have a love for singing. Please come and join us today!

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