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Website: http://clubs.uci.edu/fencing

The UCI Fencing Club was founded decades ago, in a time before time. Feel free to drop by practice and check us out. New fencers are always welcome! We are located on the 2nd floor of the ARC in the Activity Annex. Climb the stairs behind the ARC's entrance turnstiles. As you reach the second floor the Activity Annex will be the large room directly ahead of you.

Academic Year Location and Hours:
ARC: Activity Annex
Class: Wed 7:00-8:20pm
Club: Wed 8:30-11:30pm, Fri 7:00-11:30pm

Dues and fees:
See: http://www.clubs.uci.edu/fencing/?page_id=14

Please be sure to pay the treasurer, Amelia Holm, by the 3rd week of each quarter, or she will stare at you until you pay her.

Dramatis Personae:

Head Coach - Eric Holmgren
Assistant Foil Coach - Josh Valdez
Assistant Epee Coach - Ati Seifi
Assistant Sabre Coach - Long Nghiem
Instructor for Beginners Class - Ati Seifi

President - Alex Wijangco
Vice President - Justin Smith
Treasurer - Amelia Holm
Secretary - Emily Witkowski
Head Armorer - Emily Young
Assistant Armorer - VACANT
Assistant Armorer - VACANT

Foil Party: Comrade Benjamin
Epee Duchy: His Grace the Duke Justin
Sabre Fleet: Admiral Alex

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