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The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international association educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs.

Email: iteucla@gmail.com
Website: http://iteucla.wordpress.com/

About the Club

ITE at UCLA is a student branch of the professional association for Institute of Transportation Engineers. For club events, we focus on information sessions and guest speakers, and meet bi-weekly as a club. In addition, we organize field trips that will help students understand the need for transportation engineers. Furthermore, we also actively engage ourselves and encourage our members to attend conferences and industry meet up. We highly encourage you to attend our meetings, as you will not only expand your professional networking connections, but also broaden your exposure to the complex planning and needs in the engineering field.

As a UCLA student chapter of ITE, our goals includes:
-Expose to and gain interest from students to the transportation field
-Explores the transportation related career and professional opportunities through information sessions and guest speakers
-Host field-trips that enhances student’s university experiences and add dept to student’s understanding of the field
-Provide connections to professional networking via conferences and industry fairs to UCLA students

Transportation Class information:

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department: CEE180 & CEE181

CEE180: Introduction to Transportation Engineering (Spring)
General characteristics of transportation systems, including streets and highways, rail, transit, air, and water. Capacity considerations including time-space diagrams and queuing. Components of transportation system design, including horizontal and vertical alignment, cross sections, earthwork, drainage, and pavements.

CEE181: Traffic Engineering Systems: Operations and Control (Fall)
Applications of traffic flow theories; data collection and analyses; intersection capacity analyses; simulation models; traffic signal design; signal timing design, implementation, and performance evaluation; Intelligent Transportation Systems concept, architecture, and integration.

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