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Founded in 1972, the Korean-American Student Association at UCLA has since strived to prosper as a significant representative of Korean heritage and pride on the Pacific Coast. Our member body exemplifies diversity and equality as membership does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, political views, gender or sexual orientation. Besides representing a wide breadth of the Korean-American student population, KASA also serves as a catalyst for countless networking opportunities as well as providing the base upon which lifelong friendships are formed.

Since its founding, we have also strived to develop both aspects of intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities in our students. The local Koreatown of Los Angeles (besides serving as a pivotal hub for Korean activity in Southern California) further empowers pride and celebration of diversity as well as providing opportunities for leadership, cultural awareness, and community service. All the way from a young freshman adjusting to the newfound rigors of college to the graduate readying for immersion in the professional world, we offer innumerable resources for any life path taken.

UCLA KASA, one of the largest and oldest Asian-American student organizations in the Greater Los Angeles Area, celebrates a rich and long heritage and now proudly nears half a century of representing the Korean-American student body at UCLA that stands strong with a population that easily reaches well into the thousands.

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