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UCLA Korean Culture Night

Hosted by Hanoolim Korean Cultural Awareness Group, Korean Culture Night (KCN) is the largest showcase run by a Korean American student organization in the United States. It provides the opportunity for Korean American students of various backgrounds and affiliations to come together with one purpose: to spread awareness of both Korean traditional culture and contemporary Korean American culture.

KCN gives students an opportunity to express themselves creatively (an option that they may not have through their academic classes), and also presents many chances for our KCN participants to create deep and lasting friendships, which can be often difficult for large institutions such as UCLA. KCN members start preparing in summer and ultimately aim to promote diversity and create a more accepting multicultural environment to its 1800+ show attendees.

The two-hour show features a live play integrated with traditional drumming, traditional dance, modern dance, and original music, all tied together by a common theme specially chosen for that specific year. The theme ranges from past and present social and political issues to aspects of traditional and modern culture. It is a common goal of the theme to reflect not only upon student perspectives, but American society as well.

This will be the 20th annual Korean Culture Night hosted by Hanoolim. Every year, a similar design of KCN has been held at Royce Hall, each year growing larger in scale and garnering more success than the last. More and more students gain interest in watching the show and participating in the production from the positive feedback that is given by the student body and the community. Through theatrical arts, Korean drumming, both traditional and modern dancing, and the creative fusions of music and acting, KCN 2012 will present a performance relaying themes of bridging generational gaps and understanding humanity's choice of loving and hoping both in major crossroads of life, as well as in the mundane day-to-day. We hope to provide an entertaining and educational night that creates a medium for which a diverse group of people can understand and appreciate the Korean-American experience.The production’s presence in the community stabilizes with its success, and it receives increasing recognition through such growth.

Our mission is to raise cultural awareness, promote multiculturalism, and provide an annual event where students and members of the local community can converge and celebrate the achievements of Koreans and Korean Americans.

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