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The UCLA Martial Arts Program is one of the largest and most diverse programs in the country. Find out more at www.recreation.ucla.edu/martialarts

The UCLA Martial Arts Program has a rich history in attracting the worlds finest martial artists. From Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto in the 60's to Rickson Gracie in the 90's and Jean Jacques Machado in February 2011. The program offers over 20 different diverse styles of martial arts and boasts nationally recognized instructors whose teaching styles and passion for their arts resound in the classes held at the John Wooden Center, and in the students that participate.

UCLA Martial Arts is made up of many different types of programs, including; instructional classes, sport clubs, ORL self defense workshops, custom workshops, seminars, youth summer camps, women's self defense and sexual assault awareness, instructor certfications and more to come.

To see what classes we offer check out www.recreation.ucla.edu/martialarts.

To find out more about the entire UCLA Martial Arts Program, contact Paul McCarthy at pmccarthy@recreation.ucla.edu

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