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Welcome to Medical Friends -- a UCLA campus organization devoted to the entire pre-medical experience.

Our mission is simple: In real life, doctors work on teams, and we believe that pre-meds should as well. Enough with the cutthroat competition at UCLA! Let’s help each other out because in the end, we’ll all benefit.


We aim to bridge the gap between upperclassmen—whom have acquired infinite knowledge about the rigorous pre-medical curriculum, community involvement, and social aspects of UCLA—and underclassmen whom will benefit from having an experienced student join them as they set out on their pre-medical voyage.

At the beginning of Fall 2012, our program will commence. Current UCLA pre-meds will be paired with incoming freshman and transfer students based on shared common interests. Tentatively scheduled is a formal reveal night where mentors will meet mentees. Pre-med mentors will be responsible for making sure their mentees are taken care of. When mentees have questions, they’ll have someone to turn to. When they need a shoulder to lean on, their mentor be there for them. This is how doctors operate in the field—as a team—and this type of atmosphere is desperately needed for success as a UCLA pre-med.

We are currently in the process of developing programming for next year, but we already have many great plans in store:

• Mentors will be in charge of planning themed socials for their mentees twice a month.
• We are working hard on a "Everything You Need to Know about Pre-Med Life at UCLA" presentation, which will be the topic of our first meeting in the Fall.
• We are working with to get discounts on MCAT prep for our members.
• Mentees will have the opportunity to "shadow" their mentor for a day to see what it is like to take upper division classes, do research, socialize, participate in community service, volunteer at the hospital, etc. etc.
• We will have networking mixers with doctors and medical students.
• We will hold medical student panels and informal mixers.
• We will provide updated information on research, volunteer, EMS, community service opportunities, and more!
• You will meet many great people, get a sweet tank top, and have a guaranteed AWESOME TIME!

We are currently looking to get one professor from EACH life science department involved with our program; we plan on having a panel of professors so the incoming freshman can ask course-specific questions and rid themselves of their pre-med jitters right at the beginning of the year. In addition, professors will serve as advisors to our organization.

Come check us out this Fall 2012 ... and spread the word!

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