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The Network is a support system for students returning to higher education after pursuing other life goals. We function as a facilitator of resources, and provide advocacy, community, and support for the non-traditional student. The primary mission of The Network is to be a social and institutional support net for the diverse and growing demographic of non-traditional students who, although large in number, are often over looked in a system geared toward tradition.

What is a non-traditional student?
-Anyone returning to school after taking a break from their educational goals.
-Working professionals finishing a degree or working on a new one.
-Parents returning to school after starting a family.
-People returning from military service.
-Older students returning to school after taking time of to pursue other life goals
-Transfer students
-Part-time students
-Commuter students
-Married students
-Students who work full-time while enrolled and are financially independent
-And more!

The 'non-traditional student' experience, and identity, falls outside of a traditional high school-to-college path. Despite the size and prevalence of the non-traditional student community most college systems are geared toward the traditional student. One glaring example of this is that non-traditional students now constitute about 40% of college students nationally and about 30% of UCLA's population, yet, there is no system in place to ensure effective communication between the college and the large non-traditional student base, there is no official transfer center on the UCLA campus, no place for students in this position to gather or go for support and amenity.

The Network at UCLA takes a more deliberate approach in bringing all students into the Bruin family, supporting and advocating specifically for those who took a 'non-traditional' path to get here.

For more info and to connect to more resources for non-traditional students follow us on Twitter @TheNTSN

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