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PRI is a club for UCLA students interested in science and how to better understand scientific writing. Open to anyone interested in research and healthcare

PRI is one of the newest pre health organizations at UCLA, and was founded by UCLA undergrads Sachi Mehrotra, Rebecca Lerman, and Tanya Kavoussi. This is a club for UCLA students interested in science and how to better read and understand research articles. The club is titled Pre-Health because being familiar with the style of scholarly writing is a valuable asset to have in the healthcare field; however, this club is open to any student who wants to learn more about research and how to decipher research articles and scientific writing. Meetings are led by researchers or authors of scientific articles, and students read and carefully dissect one article per meeting with the help of the researcher. The leading researcher clarifies the text and helps students become familiar with scientific writing. This is a valuable skill to have for upper division science courses or a career in any scientific field. The overall goal for this club is to help students become better acquainted and less intimidated by scholarly writing, and to help prepare them for upper division courses and graduate schools such as medical, dental, etc.

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