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RE|NOUS is an acronym which stands for “Research and Education: Neurodegeneration—Offering Understanding and Solutions.” RE|NOUS focuses on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

RE|NOUS works with the David Geffen School of Medicine's Easton Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research (eastonad.ucla.edu), the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA, and the Alzheimer's Association. We're doing work in three areas: clinical research, public health education, and member education.

We collaborate with members of Easton, including Dr. Joshua Grill, PhD and Dr. Liana Apostolova, MD. There are several clinical trials ongoing at Easton. These trials, however, need participants. This is where we come in. RE|NOUS provides the bulk of the enrollment effort, and in the near future members will have the opportunity to observe and participate in these trials. Members receive all necessary training and certifications directly from Easton researchers.

Within our local community, we seek to teach at-risk populations, caregivers, and patients about clinical manifestations of different diseases, preventative lifestyle measures, and resources currently available in the field. These presentations were constructed by the researchers at Easton. Audiences are identified through community partners and/or the Alzheimer's Association. Members receive all necessary training to provide these presentations.

Within itself, RE|NOUS also encourages innovative thought regarding neurodegeneration research by fostering discussions among members, educating them regarding the pathology of the diseases, and inviting guest speakers to present before members at exclusive seminars. Interdisciplinary approaches are essential in this arena, and these guest speakers are selected with this in mind.

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