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Connecting your experience of food to art, culture, community, and the environment. Formally known as the UCLA Student Food Collective (our registered student organization!)


Who we are: students, artists, activists, musicians, cooks, food-lovers, and community members!

Our project: starting a student-owned, co-operatively run market & café that educates students about food systems, trains students to manage a sustainable business, and provides a warm, welcoming space where people can come to learn and be part of a community.

Our mission: provide fresh, delicious, sustainable food for the UCLA community, celebrate the artisic and cultural vibrancy of our campus, and bring people together.


Are you excited? Want to meet some awesome people, build a community, share a meal, and start a food revolution? Join us! We'll be announcing meeting times and our first social dinner at the beginning of fall, but you should talk to us before then.

To work with the team, be a part of our upcoming community arts dinners, ask about our food buying club pilot program, or just connect with us--

To get the Student Food Collective news and weekly updates, sign up for our listserv! http://lists.ucla.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/studentfoodcollective

Only want the big updates? Sign up for our monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/f6dKH


And finally: we're working with the Co-operative Food Empowerment Directive to make this project happen. Check them out and join the movement: http://www.cofed.org/

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