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The United Afghan Club at UCLA is an organization formed to better the Afghan condition both in the United States and Afghanistan.

The United Afghan Club at UCLA is an organization formed to better the Afghan condition both in the United States and Afghanistan. it was created out of the need to help the people of Afghanistan as well as the unrepresented Afghan Youth in the United States.

We feel that as Afghan students in teh US, we have a responsibility to better the living condition of the peoploe of Afghanistan. This is why we at the United Afghan Club dedicate much of our time to developing different humanitarian projects to promote awareness and aid Afghanistan. Whether it is building schools, donating vitamins to orphans, or funding the construction of wells, the United Afghan Club dedicates its time to give humnitarian aid to Afghanistn, as well as provide the people with hope for a better future.

UAC also works with the local Afghan community, providing Afghan youth with resources and knowledge to empower them to pursue higher education. Many Afghan students lose their identity and are unable to develop the motivation necessary to not only excel in school, but to care for their people. As students that attend such a prestigious university as UCLA, we have a responsibility to take advantage of our almost unlimited amount of resources and give guidance to our peers and the youth.

However, the United Afghan Club is not limited to serving Afghan students alone. The organization is dedicated to educating non-Afghans in both the culture and the situation of the Afghan people. UAC highly encourages non-Afghans to become members of the organization, as their interest in Afghan culture and helping the poeple of Afghanistan makes them equally valuable. The UAC also promotes events catered to the public so they may become aware of the current situation as seen from the perspective of Afghans.

The United Afghan Club hopes to build these traditions and form a solid base from which we can continue serving the Afghan community both domestically and abroad. However, none of this would be possible without dedication and motivation. Once the understanding is developed that we as students can indeed change the world for the better, one can use this to aid those in need. With dedication, the United Afghan club could truly improve the living condition of people who have seen suffering throughout their lifetime. In the end, we are not just about what makes us Afghan, or what makes us different. We are about what makes us human, we are about alleviating sorrow and finding a way towards a better life for our community.

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