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United Korean Voice (UKV)
Korean Student Association at UCLA
International Club - Korea Division

United Korean Voice (UKV) is a Korean Student Association at UCLA. UCLA is the only university in the world apart from those in Korea that offers Korean music classes that actually give students the on hand experience of playing traditional instruments. Currently, not only Korean students, but also many of those from other backgrounds enroll in the Korean music classes every quarter. UKV was formed by students who were part of the Korean music class to seek unity in the korean community within UCLA and to raise the sound of Korea. Now, 13 years since the start of the organization, UKV’s activities are not limited to Korean music performances and the banding of korean music class students. UKV currently represents the voice of many korean students in UCLA and continues to form connections with enterprises in Korea. UKV also has close connections with crosstown rivals USC and other UCs.

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