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The API Social Work Caucus is the only student caucus that has created and maintained endowed scholarships at USC. In 2008, the Robert Nishimoto Endowed Scholarship was established. Two other scholarships were established by API Caucus for social work students interested in working with API populations administered by the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association (APAA), the Social Work Scholarship, and the Royal Morales Scholarship. In 2010, the Paul Chikahisa Memorial Lectureship was established to honor Paul Chikahisa, a respected community advocate, by his wife & alumna Frances & friends.

2014-2015 API Executive Board:
Co-Chair: Gabrielle Aquino
Co-Chair: Nancy Shieh
Secretary: Eddie Hu
Treasurer: Diane Tam
API Representative: John Im
API Representative: Chris Tacto
API Representative: Justin Tang
API Representative: Albert Yi
Merchandise Coordinator: Renee Yu
First Year Representative:
SDAC Representative: Katherine Bonete
SDAC Representative: Spencer-Levi Amansec
OCAC Representative: Jeffrey Viray
Skirball Representative:
VAC Representative:
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Annalisa Enrile

The communications shared on social media between students do not represent and cannot substitute for the information or guidance provided by faculty, staff or official documents and communications regarding USC School of Social Work academic programs, including the USC catalogue, school website, student handbook, course syllabi, field education manual, and written and verbal communications from administration.

With specific regard to field, any issues, disputes, complaints or requests should be redirected to the student’s field education advisor and liaison. If communication with the student’s advisor or liaison is not sufficient, the student may contact the assistant directors of field education: Tory Cox for campus-based students or Suh Chen Hsiao for students enrolled in the Virtual Academic Center.

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