USC Men in Social Work Caucus (MSWC)

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What do we stand for? Leadership. Collaboration. Openness. Empowerment.

What sets the Men in Social Work Caucus apart?

- Leadership: We recognize that we are involved in an uphill challenge in reframing masculinity within our culture. Therefore, we must be strategic and fearless in our leadership.

- Collaboration: Without the support from students, staff and our community, we will not survive. We must be inclusive and respectful in our partnerships and within our work.

- Openness: To new ideas and perspectives, but yet maintain a dedication and determination in driving toward our objectives and goals.

- Empowerment: We recognize the importance of empowering all communities; however, we focus on empowering masculine culture in order to overcome negative manifestations of hypermasculinity toward our gender and all other gender identities.

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Chill By The Grill:

Exploring Masculinity:

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Men's Process Group:


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