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Mu Phi Epsilon is a coeducational professional music fraternity and international honor society established in 1903 to promote academic and musical excellence.

Mu Phi Epsilon is a coeducational professional music fraternity and international honor society established to promote academic and musical excellence. Acting on both academic and social pursuits, Mu Phi Epsilon provides unique opportunities for members of various backgrounds. For those who are interested in academia, there are opportunities to become published writers in categories such as music therapy, music theory, musicology, music ethnography, etc. For those interested in composing, there are composition competitions that occur on a biannual basis. For those who enjoy performing, an annual competition is held internationally and the winner receives a two year sponsored concert tour. It also boasts a number of scholarships, grants, opportunities to study abroad, and a chance to network with not only other student musicians, but also those who are already practicing what they love in their given field.

To us, having a music fraternity makes so much sense because while Thornton is an incredible music school, there are not a lot of opportunities for musicians to intermingle. One of the most important things to a musician is their ability to network and possess opportunities communicate with other musicians on a regular basis. As a Mu Phi member, candidates obtain not only obtain valuable networking information, learn about potential gigs, and make incredible friends within the music industry, candidates also get a chance to bounce ideas off one another, help each other with concepts (such as music theory), get tips on how to play their instruments in a better/more efficient manner, and overall improve each individual's musicality.

While Mu Phi Epsilon does have some stipulations- you must be a music major or minor and have taken or tested out of the entry level of music theory- it is our goal to make this fraternity as accessible as possible to every student interested in applying. To start, Mu Phi Epsilon is affordable! As musicians ourselves, we all know how true the ‘starving musician’ stereotype really is and how essential it is to have a realistic price-point. While many fraternities and sororities on campus have fees that can accumulate to thousands of dollars, Mu Phi dues are less than one hundred annually. In addition, counseling and advisement is offered to those who are interested in the fraternity and we will work with you to achieve eligibility. We work with our students to ensure they are taking the proper coursework and offer tutoring sessions to those who are having difficulty in Music Theory or maintaining the required grade point average.

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