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Sigma Alpha Mu (Mu Theta) chapter at the University of Southern California. Fast and Firm.

Sigma Alpha Mu or Sammy, is a historically Jewish fraternity founded in 1909 and currently boasts 70 chapters across the United States.

USC Sammy takes part in every aspect of campus life. The fraternity demonstrates leadership everyday working with sororities, the community, and the university to have fun and make an impact.

ΣΑΜ, setting the bar in Brotherhood:

-Alumni Dinner with 200+ guests
-Annual Philanthropy (Sammy Field Day) benefitting the Alzheimer's Association
-Won Best Chapter in West Coast Province and Best Prior (President) Awards at 2010 Convention
-Weekly Brotherhood and Intramural Sports Events

ΣΑΜ, setting the bar socially:

- Parties: SAMMY WARHOL, Sammy Splash Down, Club Leavey, FESTIVUS, Euro Trash, Cowboys & Indians, Halloween
- Date Dashes, Invites, and Formals
-Las Vegas Spring Formal
-Something Happening Every Night

ΣΑΜ, setting the bar in Academics:

-1st or 2nd Highest GPA of all IFC Fraternities for 2 Years Running
-Several Members Receive Fraternity Scholarship Every Year
-Membership in Order of Omega and Gamma Sigma Alpha Honors Societies

Who has been a brother in Sigma Alpha Mu?

In Sports:

David Stern - NBA Commissioner
Harry Glickman - Founder and President of the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers
Marv Albert - Sportscaster, in the Basketball Hall of Fame
Donald Fehr - Executive Director of MLB Players Association
Ernie Davis - 1961 Heisman Trophy Winner

In Arts & Entertainment:

Bob Dylan - Musician
Philip Roth -Author
Ron Silver - Former President of the Screen Actors Guild
Leonard Goldenson - Chairman of ABC
Ira Rubenstein - Executive VP, Marvel Entertainment
Jon Landau - Oscar Winning Producer, Titanic and Avatar

In Business & Government:

Milton Shapp - Created the Peace Corp and Governor of Pennsylvania
Tom Lantos - U.S. House of Representatives
Steve Wynn - Las Vegas Magnate, Owner of the Wynn Las Vegas
Irwin Jacobs - Chairman and Founder of Qualcomm Inc.
David Kreeger - Founder and Chairman of GEICO

And these are just a few of the many influential and successful brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu

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