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The Vietnamese Student Union (Hội Sinh Viên Việt Nam) is the official voice of all Vietnamese students at UCLA. 'Like' our page to see what we're doing.


VSU is an organization which focuses on the development and growth of the Vietnamese community and is entirely inclusive to any individuals who are interested in learning more about Vietnamese culture, history, or issues in the Vietnamese community.

VSU helps out with a wide variety of events at UCLA throughout the academic year. Events include Vietnamese Culture Night, Southeast Asian Admit Weekend, Black April Commemoration, High School Conference, Where's the Love?, rAPId, and many more.

In addition to this, VSU has biweekly general meetings in order for members to get together and hang out as well as alert VSU membership of upcoming events and programs. Membership is completely free, as well!

We have two chief projects which delve deeper into community issues. Individuals who are interested in a more involved contribution to the wellness of the Vietnamese community are highly encouraged to take a look at the them:

- HOPE: Higher Opportunity Program for Education

- SEA CLEAR: Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention

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