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Students from the Master of Science in Global Medicine Program at Keck School of Medicine of USC inspired to actively engage and serve the community we live in, as well as the global community.

WorldMed is a student-run organization based on the Health Sciences Campus at the University of Southern California (USC). Most of our members are part of the Master of Science in Global Medicine Program at Keck School of Medicine of USC; however, we encourage participation from undergraduates, graduates, prospective students, faculty, and staff. Through our program, we hope to combat international health topics in the classroom, promote awareness of these issues in our communities, and become leaders in our field to encourage change around the world.

Our mission is to bring together a powerful and diverse community of undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, physicians, and faculty members of the Keck School of Medicine who are eager to understand, discuss, and tackle the critical issues in global medicine. As a response to the pressing need for a comprehensive effort to address global disease, WorldMed strives to disseminate and acquire knowledge of modern issues in international health and enable its members to make a sustainable impact on the global burden of disease.

Our executive board officers include:

President: Adriana Cordova
External Vice President: Elise Smith
Internal Vice President: Kaydee Silva
Secretary: Breanna Sheldon
Treasurer: Monica Miyakawa-Liu
Directors of Global Health Action: Rebecca Charow & Curtis Maehara
Director of Philanthropy: Ashley Wong
Directors of Newsletters: Shereen Memarian and Dilara Onur
Historian/Webmaster: Justin Finuliar
Director of Publicity: Hyunjean Kim

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