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From the busy streets of New Delhi or Tokyo, to the quiet classrooms in Seoul, and all the way back to a conversation in Los Angeles between two friends from completely different origins, English is the language we share. Millions speak the language fluently, yet billions of students today are still learning English as a second language so they can connect with new friends, explore different cultures, and share a new language for professional or personal interests.

Our team of second language learners, and educators realized these students were being given the formal English education, but had nowhere to connect with other English speakers. WSEP was our response. By creating various events and experiences that help our students use the language outside of the classroom, and giving them the opportunity to meet new people from a variety of cultures who speak English as a first or second language, we have built a immense global network. As a social eduction company that believes in connecting cultures through English, it has become our mission to reimagine how the world connects through English.

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