8 Crazy Nights - CHANUKAH at USC

Chabad @ USC
Los Angeles 90007
December 02.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Chanukah is coming, and we're going all out!
Read on for 13 w...

Chanukah is coming, and we're going all out!
Read on for 13 ways you can celebrate Chanukah with Chabad @ USC! Parties, Menorah lightings, and much more! Lots more lightings, parties, and events will be added so sign up now and stay tuned!

1) Chanukah Care Packages
Parents and grandparents can order a Chanukah/Finals care package, complete with donuts, Menorah, candles, and so much more, delivered directly to you. Let them know... www.chabadusc.com/care.php

2) Hands-on Chanukah - Candle-Making and Latke-Frying
Dip your own wax candles, make latkes from scratch, and get ready for Chanukah in style. Wednesday, Dec. 2. 7pm

On Chanukah
3) Chanukah Party with Hillel
Sunday night, Dec. 6. 8 pm. First night of Chanukah.

4) Menorah Lighting at SAM
Monday night, Dec. 7. 8pm. SAM Menorah lighting.

5) Midnight Breakfast - Chanukah Edition
Monday, Dec. 7. 10 pm - 12 am. Midnight Breakfast, with all the added Chanukah specials. Menorah Lighting at 11pm.

6) THE MAIN EVENT - Fire on Ice - a Chanukah Celebration at Tommy Trojan
GIANT ice sculpture Menorah, crafter on the spot!
Greetings from the Provost!
Latkes, Donuts, Menorahs, and more...
Tuesday, Dec. 8. 3:30 - 5:30 pm.

7) Chanukah at ADPi
Tuesday, Dec. 8. 8pm.

8) Chanukah at DTD
Tuesday, Dec. 8. 9pm.

9) Hanukkah Party at Tri-Delt
Wednesday, Dec. 9. 6pm.

10) Chanukah Party at SDT
Wednesday, Dec. 9. 7pm.

11) Menorah Lighting at Phi-Delt
Thursday, Dec. 10. 5:30pm.

12) Chanukah Shabbat
Friday, Dec. 11. Candle lighting 4:15 pm. Services 6:30 pm, Dinner 7:30 pm.

13) Dreidels and Drinks
Sat. December 12. 8:00 pm. For alumni, grads, and young professionals.
More information on the website of the event.


Chabad @ USC
Los Angeles 90007, 2713 Severance St


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