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December 19.
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Welcome! SEA Admit 2016 Staff Applications are out and live!

Welcome! SEA Admit 2016 Staff Applications are out and live!
*APPLICATION LINK~ http://tinyurl.com/seaadmit16staff

We highly encourage you to apply to multiple staff positions if interested (ie. Coordinator and Facilitator).

Reminder, deadlines for each position are as follows:

CO-CHAIR: January 3rd (Before school begins)
COORDINATOR: January 10th (Sunday beginning Week 2)
FACILITATOR: January 15th (Friday Week 2)
FAMILY HEAD: January 15th (Friday Week 2)

Southeast Asian (SEA) Admit Weekend is held in collaboration by Southeast Asian Student Organizations at UCLA, including the Vietnamese Student Union, United Khmer Students, Thai Smakom, and the Association of Hmong Students. SEA Admit Weekend seeks to promote higher education, increase community consciousness, and provide a safe and supportive Southeast Asian community on campus. In addition, we would also like to introduce Southeast Asian admits to the vast variety of opportunities and resources available at UCLA.

The three-day, three-night weekend will be taking place from April 14th-April 17th, 2016. The event includes workshops, a talent show, student/alumni panelists, and keynote speakers, as well as tours and a chance to experience student life with UCLA Housing and Dining.

The ultimate goal is to allow students to experience what it might be like to be a UCLA student in a supportive Southeast Asian community and build the next generation of empowered student leaders. An award-winning event like SEA Admit weekend would not be possible without its amazing Coordinators, Facilitators, and Family Heads, so please apply!

If you have any questions regarding the application or further information about each position, please contact Kevin Truong at: kevotruong@gmail.com

Please indicate which type of position for which you will be applying and complete the form on the following page. If you want to to apply to different positions, please submit another response on the form with your additional interested position.



As a co-chair you are expected to be familiar with planning an event of this type or scale. You will meet several times weekly, including with staff, your fellow co-chairs, and with individual components/coordinators. Upon meeting with fellow co-chairs, you will assist in planning and executing staff meetings as well as a retreat. You are a representative of the entire program itself. Since each co-chair will be meeting with, working with, and managing certain components (i.e., providing guidance), it is strongly preferred that co-chairs have had experience volunteering for SEA Admit or similar programs. Lastly, you must also be available the weekend of the event.

Please note that there may be a mandatory retreat for all staff during Winter Quarter.

*CO-CHAIR APPLICATIONS DUE JAN. 3, 2015 @ 11:59pm*

Coordinators and their Co-Coordinators (if applicable) are responsible for different aspects of the weekend like Food, Transportation, and Housing. Certain Coordinators will be in charge of a committee (for example, Family Head and Workshops Coordinators work with sub-committees who apply through a separate application). Coordinators meet at least once weekly (most likely Tuesdays) with staff, and schedule separate meeting times with the co-chairs and their committees where applicable. Coordinators must be present the entire weekend and are expected to act as general volunteers throughout the program, especially if their coordinator responsibilities are complete by the beginning of the weekend (i.e. outreach, housing, fiscal, etc.)

Please note that there may be a mandatory retreat for all staff during Winter Quarter.


Facilitators work alongside their respective coordinators in regular meetings. Facilitators include Workshop Facilitators and Tour Facilitators. Workshop Facilitators will be able to develop and execute their own workshops. Tour Facilitators will be able to lead students through campus tours or tour stations.


Family heads work in pairs to serve as guiding mentors for groups of students throughout the weekend. They will work alongside their respective coordinator to ensure that they are properly trained and prepared to assist the students. They are expected to be generally knowledgeable about the UCLA campus, academic policies, student opportunities, Southeast-Asian-specific resources, and the purpose and mission of the Southeast Asian Admit Weekend. It is preferred, but not required, that family heads have had some volunteering experience with SEA Admit in the past, such as a facilitator, coordinator, etc. In addition, family heads who are at least second years are strongly preferred.

Please note that there may be a mandatory retreat for all staff during Winter Quarter.

*FAMILY HEAD APPLICATIONS DUE JAN. 15th, 2015 @ 11:59pm*
More information on the website of the event.


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