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Cognitive Science Student Association at UCLA
Los Angeles
January 19.
Los Angeles
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CSSA Board Applications
We are looking for new board members...

CSSA Board Applications
We are looking for new board members for Winter-Spring 2016! Available positions are listed below. All majors and all levels of experience will be considered.
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Social Chair:
Plan social events (movie nights, dinners, field trips, etc). Help with planning of the retreat.

Website Manager:
Update, modify, and maintain the CSSA website ( and other web resources (excluding social media). Programming experience and user experience background is a plus but not required.

Alumni & Networking Liaison:
Reach out to Cogsci alumni and organize alumni events and resources.

CSSA Committee Applications
Joining a committee is a great way to become involved in CSSA, meet new people, and gain leadership experience. Our committees are laidback and require little time commitment -- all you need is an interest in Cogsci!
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CSSA Conference Committee
The annual CSSA Conference is a big event that CSSA puts on in the Spring and we need help planning it! Are you interested in gaining professional experience in communicating with professionals in academia and industry? How about building connections with those who are working in your field of interest? Do you like food, meeting new people, and having lots of fun? If you answered yes to any of these, then consider joining the Conference Committee! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ai Ohno at

Marketing Committee
Members of the marketing committee can post interesting articles and/or videos related to cognitive science on the Facebook page, help with design ideas for flyers, and spread the word about our club and its events. If you have questions, message Julie at
More information on the website of the event.


Cognitive Science Student Association at UCLA
Los Angeles


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