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Bringing together UCLA students from diverse backgrounds within Cognitive Science for superior intellectual advancement and giddy social merriment.

Cognitive Science exists in the intersection between psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics, anthropology, and philosophy. And just as any good Californian knows that different combinations of ingredients allow for every variation on the In-n-Out secret menu, so it is that the different ingredients of CogSci combine to have many industrial and academic applications. Just to whet your intellectual appetite we might throw out some buzz words like: user interface, education, artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, human computer interaction, brain imaging, and unadulterated, full-frontal academic badassedness.

So at this point you're probably thinking, "okay, well understanding the way the mind works is almost certainly the most fascinating intellectual endeavor in all of human history but when it comes down to it, I only enrolled in college for the parties." Perfect! That's exactly what our Vice President, Sarah White, is here too! And while, like Sarah, you may have to indulge your local frat row for Thirsty Thursday face ragers, our group is aimed at satisfying both an social and academic aspects of college.

We have meetings on every odd week Thursday at 5:15 in Franz 6461. Just come check it out... We also a link to our website and email down below. Throughout the week we always have a ton of events like professor luncheons and social gatherings. Finally, please please please like our page and invite all your friends to do so as well and together we can make this the year that CSSA surpasses the Neuroscience Undergraduate Society in Facebook likes.

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