El Día de la Chicana

Fowler 207
December 02.
Los Angeles
Why join?

Join us in commemorating and honoring Gloria Anzaldúa's declaration...

Join us in commemorating and honoring Gloria Anzaldúa's declaration of el día de la Chicana. We will have a silk screening poster workshop lead by Xicana Artist Margaret Alarcon from Mujeres de Maíz! We encourage you to come even if you don't identity as Chicana, the event is open to everyone. :)

Don't miss out on this amazing event! There are 20 spots available so DONT FORGET to RSVP to larazacoalition@oxy.edu!!!

In this one hour workshop, we will create a poster using stencil making techniques and the ancient art of silkscreen to express a moment within their process of decolonization and what Gloria Anzaldúa describes as “Nepantla.” “Nepantla is the Nahuatl word for an in-between state, that uncertain terrain one crosses when moving from one place to another, when traveling from the present identity into a new identity…. For womxn and people of color, nepantla is a constant state; dislocation is the norm. We will explore these Anzaldúan themes and create from our conocimientos.

To fully honor Anzaldúa, we wil contextualize her queer and Chicana identities with a guest speaker.

This event is cosponsored by the Education, Sociology, History, LLAS departments, ORSL, Las Hermanas Aliadas and Los Compadres.
More information on the website of the event.


Fowler 207


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