Rhosa Hotdog/Soft Drink Fundraiser

Ring Road
Irvine 92697
February 03.
Los Angeles
Why join?


Ever get out of class or work starving???? You...


Ever get out of class or work starving???? You don’t have enough time to wait in the long lines at the Student Center or walk over to UTC? You look around Ring Road and there’s nothing appetizing? You’re wishing that one of your FAVORITE orgs would be selling something DELICIOUS?!?!

Well the PHIne mujeres of Phi Lambda Rho will make sure that doesn’t happen to you on Wednesday of Week 5.

UCI Rhosas will be selling tasty Hotdogs and refreshing drinks on Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 on Ring Road around the Cross Cultural Center and Aldrich Hall. You can come by any time between 10:30-2pm to grab a quick bite to eat, then head back to studying at the library

#WeHateMidterms #HotdogsWillComfortYou

Hotdog: $3
Combo (Hotdog, Chips, Drink): $5
Best of luck on Midterms!

Much Rho Love,
UCI Rhosas
More information on the website of the event.


Ring Road
Irvine 92697


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