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February 12.
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Serve the Southeast Asian transfer community while developing your leadership skills, exploring your identity, and forming a connection with a group of highly motivated individuals!

Southeast Asian Transfer Enrichment Day (SEATED) is held in collaboration by Southeast Asian Student Organizations at UCLA, including the Indonesian Bruin Student Association, Thai Smakom, Laotian American Organization, Burmese Student Association, Vietnamese Student Union, United Khmer Students, Association of Hmong Students and the Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education. SEATED seeks to promote higher education, increase community consciousness, and provide a safe and supportive Southeast Asian community on campus, while introducing Southeast Asian admits to the vast variety of opportunities and resources available at UCLA.

This is a day-long event that will be held before Transfer Bruin Day. The program consists of workshops, tours, student/alumni panelists keynote speakers, and more, prospective students will have a chance to experience student life at UCLA as Southeast Asian Transfer students. They will be welcomed to a family of highly motivated students who have a passion for serving the Southeast Asian community.

The ultimate goal is to allow students to experience what it might be like to be a UCLA transfer student in a supportive Southeast Asian community and build the next generation of empowered student leaders. A student initiated and student run event such as SEATED would not be possible without your help!

If you have any questions regarding the application please contact Kevin Truong at

Application Deadlines:
Co-Chair: Tuesday February 23rd at 11:59 PM.
Coordinators, Peer Mentors, and Facilitators: Friday February 28th at 11:59 PM.


As a co-chair you are expected to be familiar with planning an event of this type or scale. You will meet several times weekly, including with staff, your fellow co-chairs, and with individual components/coordinators. Upon meeting with fellow co-chairs, you will assist in planning and executing staff meetings as well as a retreat. You are a representative of the entire program itself. Since each co-chair will be meeting with, working with, and managing certain components (i.e., providing guidance), it is strongly preferred that co-chairs have had experience volunteering for SEATED or similar programs. Lastly, you must also be available the weekend of the event.

Applications due Tuesday February 23rd at 11:59 PM.

Coordinators and their co-coordinators (if applicable) are responsible for different aspects of the weekend like Food, Transportation, and Housing. Certain Coordinators will be in charge of a committee (for example, Family Head and Workshops Coordinators work with sub-committees who apply through a separate application). Coordinators are expected to meet weekly with staff, attend a mandatory all-staff retreat, and schedule separate meeting times with co-chairs and their committees where applicable. All coordinators must be present throughout the program.

Applications due Friday February 28th at 11:59 PM.

Outreach Coordinators:
Outreach coordinators are responsible for all correspondence with program attendees. From maintaining the RSVP page to calling and emailing prospective students for attendance conformation, outreach coordinators play a pivotal role in the success of the program, they oversee the application of each admit (includes outreaching, reviewing, sending, accepting). Also responsibility for taking care of liability forms; making sure that admits check in on the first day and out on the last day; draft, distribute, and collect evaluation forms as admits check out.

Food Coordinators:
Staff coordinators and students won't be able to function on an empty stomach! The food coordinator is in charge of the food for the whole event, from beginning to end. From creating a breakfast menu to gathering meal swipes, food coordinators ensure that students are well-fed throughout the program. They are responsible for locating external and internal entities that will provide food for the event; internally, they will be working alongside our ResLife representative to organize and finalize food dates, time, and location in dining halls. They must be able to work well within the budget provided to insure that there is enough food throughout the day for everyone attending/volunteering in the event.

Logistics Coordinators:
Let's get down to business and defeat... the logistics of SEATED! As logistic coordinators, you will be working alongside program co-chairs to tackle various applications and finalize behind-the-scene details in order to ensure the success of SEATED!

Fiscal Coordinators:
Cha-ching! Fiscal coordinators work with SEATED co-chairs to complete funding applications, formulate a budget plan, and reach out to various funding resources. Like $$$? This is the position for you!

Professional Outreach Coordinators:
Professional outreach coordinators are responsible for finding a guest speaker for the beginning of the program and student/alumni panelists for a Q&A session towards the end of the program. They outreach, contact, invite, and be responsible for the guest speaker and panelist.

Workshop Coordinators:
Workshops coordinators are in charge of recruiting and managing workshop facilitators. They assist in the creation and facilitation of workshops. Workshops play an integral role in the recruitment of potential UCLA Southeast Asian students. Topics will revolve around the state of our Southeast Asian community to various campus resources and opportunities.

Transportation Coordinators:
From the airport, transportation coordinators are responsible for transporting these out-of-town students to and from the program. In addition, they work with outreach and registration coordinator to get list of admits and where they are coming from; also review and decide who qualify for transportation scholarship; Get an estimate of needed vans/buses to reserve at least a month in advance. Arrange transportation for admits.

Tour Coordinators:
Tour coordinators must be knowledgeable about the UCLA campus and on-campus resources. They are responsible for arranging a campus tour for attendees. To do so, they must recruit and manage dedicated tour guides who also hold strong knowledge about UCLA and its programs. Coordinators are responsible for tour route and agenda; People of Color Tour script; outreach for tour guides; make sure all volunteers are trained and know the information.

Housing Coordinators:
Housing coordinators are in charge of forming a committee to look for students on the Hill who will host admits overnight. Housing coordinators are encouraged to be creative with outreaching methods in order to ensure a place for all admits to stay at overnight (e.g. tabling on the Hill to recruit hosts). They also monitor where the students are housed; have a list of where they are located.

Peer Mentor Coordinators:
Peer Mentor Coordinators are responsible for recruiting, developing, and preparing student mentors for SEATED. As a coordinator, you are expected to be knowledgeable about the UCLA campus, academic policies, student opportunities, Southeast-Asian-specific resources, and the purpose and mission of the Southeast Asian Transfer Enrichment Day. Peer mentor coordinators must emphasize to mentors that they are not only guiding assigned students throughout the program, but mentoring and creating a sense of family and belonging in their respective groups. They must oversee the mentors, and be responsible for the management and delegation of the mentors and know the day’s agenda.

Maintain the website with most up-to-date information about SEATED.

Historians are responsible for event photography throughout the program. Historians are encouraged to be creative with preserving memories of SEATED 2015 (video recap, shout-out videos etc.). Must be available all day during SEATED.

Volunteer Coordinators:
Volunteer coordinators are in charge of outreaching to the UCLA community for general volunteers. Responsible for the management and delegation of volunteers/runners; Responsible for directing volunteers and workshop facilitators to their proper locations; Must be aware of day’s scheduling and timing to manage the distribution of volunteers

They will be helping out in various committees days before the event as well as being responsible for the arrangements of food, room, and logistical preparations for the various programs during the event. We need the support of general volunteers to ensure that the programming runs logistically smooth. In addition to preparation work, they are also expected to interact with the admits as advocates for their admission and contribution to the UCLA campus. We will outreach for general volunteers as we approach the weekend. In the meantime, you are encouraged to apply to other positions!

Applications due Friday February 28th at 11:59 PM.

Peer Mentors:
They will work with the Peer Mentor Coordinators in organizing students and welcoming them to campus, as well as provide personal and professional assistance for attendees who may have questions regarding UCLA and the Southeast Asian community here.

Tour Facilitators:
Tour facilitators will facilitate the campus tour during SEATED. They will work with Tour Coordinators to arrange the tour.

Workshop Facilitator:
Workshop facilitators will work with Workshop Coordinators to plan and run a workshop for SEATED.
More information on the website of the event.


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