USC Alpha Phi Omega Valentine's Day Candy Grams!

Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles 90089
February 07.
Los Angeles
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Don't let the stress of midterms take you away from the ones you lo...

Don't let the stress of midterms take you away from the ones you love! <3 This Valentine’s Day, let us help you show your loved ones how much you truly love and care for them with APO's Valentine Delivery Grams!

Whether it's for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your friend who always has your back, or even yourself (because #TreatYoself), order your delivery gram and let us, the cupids, take care of the rest!

A Candy Gram is $2 (The candy gram bag includes chocolate and other assorted candy)
Survey closes 5PM Thursday (2/11), deliveries will be made on Friday 2/12!

Order Form:

IMPORTANT: We can only deliver it to your Valentine if payment is done in advance before the delivery date. If we do not receive payment in advance, we must deliver it to the person who ordered it so that they can pay upon delivery. Then, you can personally give it to your Valentine. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN PUTTING DOWN THE ADDRESS OF WHERE WE DELIVER THE GRAM TO.

Alpha Phi Omega is the nation’s largest co-ed service fraternity. All funds raised will support the various service organizations we work with.
More information on the website of the event.


Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles 90089


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