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"creating leaders through volunteering and cultural exchange experiences"

During school year, iVolunteer organizes local volunteering and social activities in Los Angeles. Information sessions, resume workshops, and training sessions are also offered to organization members during the weekly meetings.
During summer and winter break, iVolunteer organizes international volunteering. In the past years, iVolunteer has been sending teams to Mudanjiang and Guilin in China. The themes of the trips are accordingly "Light the Invisible Corner(2011)", "Open the gate of possibility(2012)", "To learn, to Lead(2013)", and "Explore New Heights(2014)". Projects covers basic health education, student home visit, English class, wall painting, cultural exchange, talent show, and donation ceremony. The goal of the volunteer trips is to improve the school facility, inspire pupils, and to develop volunteers' leadership skills as project directors.
In upcoming year, iVolunteer is expanding their destinations to South Korea, Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

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