PRI 1st General Meeting

MS 5148
February 10.
Los Angeles
Why join?

UCLA Pre-Health Research Initiative (PRI)


UCLA Pre-Health Research Initiative (PRI)

Interested in research and the healthcare field? Want to be a part of one of the newest Pre-Health organizations at UCLA? Interested in leadership positions in a pre-health organization? UCLA's Pre-Health Research Initiative (PRI) is having a meeting this Wednesday, 7-8PM in MS 5148! Our club is geared towards helping undergraduate students better understand and analyze scientific literature that pertains to the healthcare field. We are also inviting current UCLA dental or medical school students to talk about how to write personal statements for professional schools. Join us next week to gain an insight into how to write successful personal statements.

UCLA PRI Executive Board
More information on the website of the event.


MS 5148


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